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Press Release

Mai Hernon hails from Sligo, Ireland,and she is a renouned traditional singer, with four cirtically acclaimed albums on the market. She has also produced and presented  "Out and About in America",for Irish TV. She has toured extensively throughout Ireland, England, Europe and now America, and is also a highly sought after Traditional singing tutor, who has conducted workshops and performed at many of the well-known Irish/Celtic festivals throughout America, such as...The Dublin Ohio Irish fest, The World Fleadh in Lousiville, The Catskills Irish Arts Week, The Fairfax Irish Festival, Cincinnati Celtic Fest and many more. 

She has collaborated with many fine singers and musicians both sides of the Atlantic. 

 Sharing a stage with people like the well known lead singer with Dervish, Cathy Jordan, and all of the members of that band, others include The Yanks, Socks in the Frying Pan, Cherish the Ladies, Len Graham, Dolores Keane, Seamie O'Dowd and the list goes on and on.

She was the founder member of Beeswing, and Trí Scéalta, and has toured with both. She is in a duet with her husband and they are called "Celtic Font". 

Mai sings through the medium of Irish and English, the ancient, old and new songs from her country, she also sings the folk songs of America. She delights in telling the stories that go along with the songs and she finds that the listeners love to hear these too. Song writers such as Cormac McConnell, Jack Plunkett, Sinod Jones, and many more have given her songs to record. She is a fine Bodhrán player also, and she enjoys dancing the old style dances from home.

She also produces and presents a TV program for Irish TV on all aspects of Irish life in America. She has been interviewed on many radio programs about her music. She has also set up a small group musial tours business, bringing interested people back home to Ireland which she calls "Secret Ireland Tours LLC".

Check out her websites:íscéalta


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